Best Electric Scooter for Commuters – Reviews

Are you wanted to escape from traffic or Irritated with traffic? Or faces every day with parking problems? Then one question arrived in my mind that what will be an alternative to public transport? So, I think for us, especially for adults, Electric Scooter will be the best solution, and it is also today’s trend. It is an incredible solution for sport or better exercise or even public transportation. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective vehicle that can get you around traffic jams. Now in the market, there are thousands of products from different brands. But finding the best electric scooter for commuters is quite tricky.

In this guide, you can break down the Best electric scooters for adults that are mainly made for grownups to commute with, and avoid public transport. So, without delay, let’s get down to business.

Best Electric Scooter for Commuters-Reviews

An electric scooter – or e-scooter for an adult is like a two-wheeler manual machine. It is a device powered by electric motors capable of being operated with or without human force. An electric scooter for an adult is a little bit heavier than the regular model, and it’s best for professionals or adult members of the family for daily use.

But finding the best one is tricky. So we made this article for you by doing all the searches through the market, blogs, and reviews. Here are our best electric scooters for commuters available in the market today.

01. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Brand: Razor Model: E200
Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system Age: Ages eight to adult
Power: Ultra-quiet chain-driven motor Speed: 12 miles per hour
Tire: Two 8-inch pneumatic tires

As we all know, Razor is one of the most reputed brands to build scooters. Their Razor E200 Electric Scooter is another best adult electric scooter for teens and younger adults. This E200 model makes with the latest technology and high-quality materials with a full-size deck and steel frames that are specially designed for ages 13 and up to teenagers.

This scooter has long-lasting rechargeable 24 volts Seal battery system and ultra-quiet chain-driven motor. With 12 hours of Initial charge and 40 minutes of continuous run time, this adult’s motorized scooter can speeds up to 12 miles per hour, so roughly 8-10 miles. This powerful scooter has two 8-inch rugged pneumatic tires. It ensures traveling over rougher surfaces like grass and dirt roads and is able to hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds.

Its twist grip speed adjustment, durable Retractable kickstand to the side, and braking system on the handles on the rear end give a smoother ride and smoother stopping power to the rider. All-steel frame and fork, Soft and rubber Grips, easy-to-reach handlebars, High torque enable the teenagers to learn how to balance the deck before starting to ride.

  • Perfect for teens and younger adults
  • Smooth and enjoyable Rides on various terrains
  • Full-size deck and steel frame
  • Extremely dependable
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Easily foldable
  • Hand-operated rear brake
  • Good runtime
  • Features with bundles of safety gear
  • Long charging time
  • Not portable
  • Not for off-road conditions

Why We Liked It

If your children are looking for an electric scooter and want a bit of fun at a young age, then this Razor E200 is just for them. This affordable price electric scooter is lightweight and easily foldable. So you can store and take this scooter anywhere you want. With E200 bundles safety accessories and a 20mph maximum speed limit, this electric scooter offer a fantastic, safe, and smooth rides experience.

02. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Brand: RazorModel: EcoSmart Metro
Body: Steel frame with bamboo deck Weight Limit: 220 pounds
Frame: Steel frame with bamboo deck Motor: 500w
Battery: The sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system Range: 18 to 20 miles per hour

Want a Seated Electric Scooter for the streets and neighborhood riding and transportation for adult to senior citizens? Well, check this Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter. This is another high-end quality Best electric scooter for commuting while sitting from Razor Company. Like its name, this scooter is designed for emission-free traveling and commuting around the streets and neighborhoods.

This scooter has 36V/7 amp-hour (three 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery with a charger. When it is fully charged, with its 500-watt high torque motor, it can go up to 18 to 20 miles per hour. Variable speed with the hand throttle control allows the scooter to halt efficiently to prevent any accidents.

Its Twist-grip acceleration control, hand-operated rear disk braking system, large 16″ pneumatic tires on spoke wheels ensure comfort, safety during the ride on level ground. Height adjustable ultra-padded seat and adjustable handlebar rake not only helps to balance and rest your feet while traveling but also are an effective combination of comfort, style, and functionality. The solid bamboo seat is also equipped with a detachable luggage rack and basket to keep some groceries or goods.

  • Comfortable, Durable and safe. Affordable price
  • 500-watt high torque motor gives Incredible power
  • Gives smooth ride. Ultra padded seat
  • Height-adjustable handlebars and ultra-padded seat
  • 16” Pneumatic tires. Variable 18-20mph top speed
  • Convenient rear Luggage rack and basket
  • Weight limit up to 220 pounds
  • Low-quality battery. Heavy
  • Single rear disc brake gets hot and is less effective without a front brake

Why We Liked It

With a 500-watt motor and a 36-volt lead battery, this model has a ride time of up to 40 minutes and carries up to 220 pounds. Its Retractable kickstand also keeps its stands from falling ground.   Its rear disk braking system, ultra-padded solid bamboo seat, and adjustable handlebar brake give the scooter stability, convenience, and good looks. Ages from 16 and up can efficiently use this Razor Ecosmart Metro electric scooter, and this is a mountain of trust and reliability for them.

03. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Brand: Segway Ninebot Model:
Speed: 18.6 mph Motor: 350w
Range Per Charge: 40.4 miles per charge Battery: 552Wh Nominal Battery
Load Limit: 220 lbs Brakes: Electrical Anti-Lock braking system

If you are a rider of an electric scooter for a long time, then definitely heard of Segway. This is a manufacturer of a wide variety of very high-quality products in the world for some time. Their most popular products, such as electric scooters, electric segways, and electric unicycles, are famous worldwide. Their Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter is another successful flagship model from ES2 and ES4 and becomes very popular among both kids and adults.

The Ninebot Max is equipped with a 350-watt nominal, 800-watt peak electric motor. With this powerful motor, it can face any terrains or road conditions, run up to 18.6 miles per hour on flat ground, and can take a max load of 220 lbs. With 552Wh Nominal Battery Capacity, this Ninebot Max has a two-way charging system- a built-in charger and Ninebot ES series battery charger. After six hours of full charge, this scooter can run up to 162 laps or a maximum of 40 miles, which is equivalent to a full and a half marathon.

Its aluminum alloy material frame makes it sturdy, and IP7 water resistance protects the entire body from possible water damage. In a mere 3 seconds, its One-step folding system makes it easily portable anywhere you want. With Front and rear wheel shock absorbers and self-healing 10-inch pneumatic tires provides max comfort, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps.

  • Comfortable large foot deck
  • Vast maximum range at 65.02 km
  • Improved acceleration
  • Water protection
  • Better climbing rate than other models
  • All-terrain tires
  • IPX5 and IPX7 water resistance
  • 350W Powerful motor
  • Incredible battery capacity + built-in charger gives Speedy battery charge time
  • Dual-charging system
  • Expensive than other
  • Too heavy

Why We Liked It

While riding, when it comes to comfort, convenience range, and power, then Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter will be the first choice. Aside from riding in many different types of terrain, its LED display, mobile app connectivity, Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, select riding modes, and more features make it something to commend as well. This is a very expensive scooter in the market. But considering its features, it is worth every penny.

04. Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter – 8.5″ Solid Tires

Brand: Hiboy Model:
Motor: 350W electric brushless hub motor Speed: 18 mph
Battery: 270Wh high-capacity lithium batteries Frame: Aluminium Frame
Brakes: Double Braking System Range: 17 miles per charge

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter is another best Electric Scooter for medium to short trips in the city for adults. With 270Wh high-capacity lithium batteries and smart power management, it runs by 350W electric brushless hub motor. This High capacity battery gives it 18. 6mph (30 km/h) quickly accelerates the top speed with a reliable range of up to 17 miles.

A foot-actuated folding mechanism gives easy assembly of this electric scooter for easier portability and storage. Robust high-grade rubberized tires and durable quality whole frame makes this scooter to provide extreme support in every harsh condition. 110mm Double disc braking system and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system ensures high performance efficient, responsive braking to handles well on bumpy terrain.

Another exciting thing about this scooter is it has a versatile media system and hiboy app. simply connect Hiboy Electric Scooter via Bluetooth and use blast music. Use the app at outdoors to lock your scooter or view riding statistics such as battery life. This advanced technology scooter supports both iPhones and Android smartphones. It has three lights- front, middle, and rear, which offer a safe ride at night.

  • The durable, lightweight frame. 8.5″ Solid Tires
  • Quick, Rechargeable battery
  • Double Antilock braking system
  • Rear Suspension
  • Safety light for a night ride
  • Mobile app. Optional seat
  • Cruise & speed control
  • Not the lightest
  • Not for heavyweight people

Why We Like It:

This scooter delivers you a smooth, safe riding experience by using an intelligent power system, which automatically reduces the speed to protect and maintain itself. Its extra detachable seat also adds more comfort while riding. Moreover, the Hiboy MAX electric scooter offers a ton of fun, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable rides or medium to short trips in the city.

05. UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

Brand: UberScoot Model:
Battery: 2V/12AH Sealed Lead Acid battery Motor: 1600w/48v
Range: 12 miles per charge Speed: 20+mph
Max. Load: 265 lbs Brakes: Front & Rear Disc

Uberscoot is another popular brand for making scooters in the market for some time. Their UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter can easily hold up to 265 pounds. That all shapes and sizes of riders can use these scooters without worrying about breaking or damaging it. This scooter is powered by 1600 watt 48-volt motor and delivers over two horsepower. This sophisticated scooter design and technique allow you to conquer any hill easily.

It usually takes 6-8 hours to charge these four 12V/12AH Sealed Lead Acid batteries fully. When it is fully charged, the scooter rockets you up to a top speed of 20+ mph with an average range of 12 miles. That range can extend by activating “Economy Mode,” which also caps the scooter’s acceleration and top speed.

Large 11-inch Pneumatic knobby on-road or offroad Front and rear tires, dual disk brakes, and the key ignition features are perfect for any terrain and give you smooth premium performance. Solid construction, quick release seat, kickstand, Posi Lock folding/locking system, front and rear lights make the Uberscoot a safety-enabled scooter for all.

  • Long battery life. Quick Release Seat
  • Max Weight capacity 265 Lbs
  • Sizeable 11-inch pneumatic knobby tires for any terrain
  • BMX style handlebars
  • Quick folding mechanism
  • Nice Off-Road Power
  • Long Charging Time
  • Total 117 Lbs Weight makes the scooter heavy
  • Range Could Be Better At 12 Miles

Why We Like It

If you’re looking for a rugged, fast, off-road mid-range scooter for daily usage, then UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter is just for you. With a max capacity of 265 lbs, this high-end scooter is perfect for larger to all-weight riders. Because of Its Lead-acid battery, the weight of the total bike is 117 lbs. That makes it bulky and very hard to carry around. But considering the excellent features within this price range, this scooter does not disappoint you.

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06. Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Brand: RazorModel:
Motor: Torque chain electric motor Speed: 9 mph
Battery: 12V rechargeable battery system Battery Charge Time: 12-hour battery charge time
Wheel: 3 wheelBrakes: Hand-operated braking system

Need a scooter in a combination of style and speed for both boys and girls? Consider this Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle. This is an electrified tricycle and another great invention from the Razor Company. Designed as a three-wheeled, this scooter has 24V corrosive and rechargeable lead battery and a torque chain electric motor. After 12 long hours, charge the bike, moving over 40 minutes of a continuous ride over 10 miles. With push-button throttle, it Races at speeds up to 9 mph.

Another reason for choosing the Power Rider 360 is its 360-degree slides and spins and front, hand-operated braking system. It makes the scooter easy to operate and gives better performance than regular products. Its12 inches single pneumatic wheel at the front and two spinning wheels at the rear are made up of breezy and light materials. That also offers a security and confidence boost of your child.

This tricycle is specially designed by high-performance steel welded frame with a moto-style double crown fork. It guarantees durability, solidness, and kids will find it easy to carry. Comfortable rubber gripped handles, roomy bucket seats, folding footpegs, make it safe and convenient for kids.

  • Firm balanced and comfortable
  • Chain driven motor delivers power
  • Big 12″ pneumatic tires enable smooth rides
  • Push Button Throttle. 360-degree spins
  • Hand Operated Lever Brake
  • Solid steel progression proposed to keep going for long
  • Constrain compartment under the seat to hold hands and shoulders permitted controlling
  • Easy to use hand brake
  • Low battery life
  • Considerable
  • Long charging time

Why We Liked It

Children and even adults like this unusual, trendy design Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle. After fifteen minutes of assembling, this durable electric tricycle allows kids to enjoy the thrill of riding around the neighborhood, impresses friends with drifting and tricks, and even when it comes to speed. Recommended for ages eight and older but will support as long as your child is under120 pounds.

Buying Guide of Best Electric Scooter for Commuters

Before buying electric scooters, whether it is for fun or for travel or explore the neighborhood or commuting to work, some factors you have to keep in mind. Buying Guide for Best Electric Scooters for Commuting are-

Motor & Power

Who doesn’t need an electric scooter with powerful scooters? Your scooters will become more robust, sturdy, and durable if it has more powerful engines. Powerful motors also have a direct impact on speed and range. If your scooter is for daily use, then 250 watts motor is enough. The types of electric scooter motors such as Chain Drive System or Belt Drive System, also have essential impacts and considerations when you buy electric scooters.


The battery is another essential factor because it provides power to the motor. Today most electric bikes are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are superior in many areas, especially on battery life and charging times. Long battery life gives long charging times to scooters as well as also delivers speed.


Speed is another crucial factor to look for in buying electric scooters. Some scooters can give a higher rate of above 30-40mph miles per hour, and some are10 miles per hour. If you are in a rush or want high speed, then consider750 watts powerful motor electric scooter.

Range per Charge

Range per charge helps you to identify on a single charge how far your scooter can go, and it is getting from the battery. It also helps you to determine the best electric bikes for commuting. Some scooters can travel only 8 miles while others can 30-40 miles. Moreover, speed, rider weight, weather, and terrain even outside temperature also have an impact on range.

Wheels and suspension

For riding on flat ground, most basic scooters have small, rubber wheels. The size of wheels affects driving performance, such as taller tires for top speed and ground clearance, and broader tires give more grip. Most pneumatic tires come with an inner tube to the tubeless ones.

Suspension is another most essential criterion in scooters. Suspension helps to reduce bumps on the steep terrain of the road and improves the quality of the ride. Without suspension, an electric scooter is useless, and the riding experience will be horrible. Coil/Spring, Limiter straps, Shock, Preload are central components of the suspension.


Don’t forget to consider the Braking System of the scooter because it’s the most crucial safety feature. Some offer the disk-brake system on both the front and rear, while some have foot brakes or front brakes and rear brakes. Or by merely pulling the handlebar, the scooter can stop. Must select that scooter that brakes are easy to use.

Weight Capacity

The weight of the person also has to consider while buying a scooter. It affects the scooter’s capacity and performance significantly. If you are a healthy person, try to buy a scooter that can carry 250 pounds weight Capacity. You have to make sure that it can accommodate you. Also, don’t forget to consider the weight of the scooter itself. It the scooter is lightweight, then it is easy to carry around.

E-Scooter Advantages

Electronic scooters are gaining popularity among all ages because they are energy-efficient, affordable, and easy to use. Today it’s very commonly seen that kids, teenagers, or even adults to business professionals riding their scooters to work, to school, and back home. Speaking of electric scooter advantages can’t be over. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • A best alternate mode of Effective transportation
  • Time Saver
  • Easy to Use and Ride
  • Reduce Traffic Congestion
  • Easy-to-maintain
  • Simpler Licensing Requirements
  • Cutting-Edge Safety Features
  • Easily Portable, Compact and Easy to Park
  • Money Saver
  • Fun and enjoyment

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do e-scooters work?

With advanced technology, electric scooters work on rechargeable batteries. Usually, the rechargeable batteries are lead or lithium and can travel at a speed of between 10 and 40 mph according to the model. E-Scooters works like this-

  • The process begins after hitting the ON switch
  • The motor of the electric scooter is placed on the frame
  • Electricity travels in the battery through a network of wires and is transmitted back to the motor
  • Depending on the scooter type and model, motor then rotates the front, rear or both wheels and making the scooter move forward
  • Accelerating power from the battery increasing speed and Decelerating reduces or slowing or complete stop the scooter

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

The speed of an electric scooter depends on some factors such as the weight of the rider, the type of tires, the wattage of the motor, Battery Charge, weather conditions Up Hill and Rough terrain have an impact as well. However, the top speed of electric scooters for kids on a single charge is around 15-18 mph that is 24-29 km/h. The speed of an adult electric scooter is about 20 mph that is 32 km/h. With this speed, it is allowed to travel on a bike lane. However, by improving batteries, it can get speeds up to 30mph.

How to Charge an Electric Scooter?

The battery of an Electronic scooter is essential because until the battery is given a signal, the engine will not start. So it takes regularly and efficiently with proper care. But the charging procedure varies from manufacturers to manufacturers. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to charge your battery in the right way.

  • Make sure you have the original charger recommended by the manufacturers. Unsupported chargers or inaccurate position voltage keys can result in a short circuit and damage the e-scooter.
  • Plugin the charger into an electrical power outlet and the power should give a solid green light.
  • Now plug the charger into the battery charging port of scooter, and the light show Red-light indicator.
  • When charging is complete, it indicates Green again, and then unplugs the charger from the power outlet and the scooter charger port. And now your scooter is ready to go.

Are electric scooters legal?

The legality of riding an electric scooter on the road depends upon where you are living. In the USA or UK, It is entirely legal to riding an electric scooter in a sidewalk or particular area. But before buying or riding an electric bike, talk to the police, local licensing bureau, State/Province Department of Transportation.

How do you ride an electric scooter?

If you’re a beginner to ride an electric scooter, it just requires a few practices and time. Necessary Steps on Riding an Electric Scooter are-

Step 1: First, charged the electric scooter. After completing the charge, placing the scooter’s wheels on flat ground.

Step 2: Unlock the switch if it has to lock feature, and don’t forget to kickstand up.

Step 3: Turn on the switch by pressing the button. Most electric scooters have an LED display on which you can see there everything that you want to know about your ride.

Step 4: To make the scooter to move, use throttle hand brakes and foot brakes. Both are sensitive, and you have to know how they work. For emergency stops and turning tight corners, use the brake. For slowing down or unplanned stops, use foot brakes.

Step 5: To increasing or reducing the speed of your electric scooter and move destination, use the throttle. The throttle is located on the right handlebar.

Step 6: After reaching the destination, don’t forget to switch off the electric scooter.

Step 7: Don’t forget to put on safety apparel and gear.

Final Words

Electric scooters are becoming an accessible, reliable, portable, and convenient way of transportation devices among kids, teenagers, or adults. It relieves you from traffic jams and also allows you to save great of your wallet. As it does not need any petrol or fuel, the overall cost of maintaining an electric scooter becomes easy, and it is also environmentally friendly.

In this best electric scooter for commuters article, you will find the branded ones with features, benefits, pros, and cons. The above-mentioned best electric scooters for adults have been hand-picked from among the best brands and all the benefits they offer. The buying guide also helps to choose the best one from the market and what suits your requirements. Trust us and get your one today. Enjoy your riding, and don’t forget to share your experience.

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