Best Razor Scooter Parts – Replace Right Parts

Before buying a product as a conscious buyer, we must know a few things about that product. Topics are 1-product quality, 2-product quality certification certificate, 3-product usability, 4-product easy use, 5-after-sales service, and 6- availability of product accessories. We have a list of a few best Razor Scooter Parts that you’ll find the best one from the list if you are a Razor owner.

Considering the above factors, the razor scooter may be the best choice for your child. In response to this, a manual is available with the scooter when buying a razor scooter. This manual describes the scooter’s description, assembly method, maintenance, method of disassembly of the defective parts, and replacement of the new parts. Also, make sure that the replacement parts are purchased according to the model of your scooter.

Hopefully, most of the questions that come to your mind have been answered from the manual provided by Razor. In addition, we will give you a brief note for some parts of the razor scooter.

Razor Scooter Main Parts and Accessories

As you’ve already known that, the Razor scooter is made of a combination of many parts. So, we discuss here some replacement parts of the razor scooter which is as usually required for each and every scooter rider.

01. Razor Scooter Replacement Wheels Set with Bearings

The wheel is the most damaged part of the scooter’s parts. So as a rider, you need a replacement scooter wheel when damage the existing after use. If you are a razor scooter user, you also need a replacement wheel or stunt scooter wheel. These wheels are made of high-grade urethane and their diameter as well as 98mm. It also comes with a pair of the pack with 6 colors.

Compatibility With: To run the Razor Scooter and well-suited with the scooters: A, A2 A4, A Sweet Pea, and Spark 2.0.

02. L.E.D. Scooter Wheels for Razor Scooters 100mm Light Up

This is an awesome set of 2 100mm LED inline caster wheels that light up at the night. There are 3 super bright LED lights included each and every wheel which provides light up over 10000 hours. These wheels are powered by centrifugal force and no need for batteries. This wheel is also equipped with ABEC 9 Bearings which moving fast. This wheel is made of high-quality urethane material and delivering near-zero friction, better speed, and smooth control.

03. Kick Push Replacement Scooter Handle Grips


  • The grip is smooth and durable.
  • ·Each pack comes with 2 pieces of grips.
  • Grips made of Dense Foam and allow for maximum control and comfort.
  • These grips are made with permanent colors.
  • Its plastic end caps provide extra protection for bars and grips.

For your attention, we described here replacement handle grips for the Razor scooter. Are you looking at a set of brand new Handle Grips for a Scooter? If yes, then kick push is the right choice for you. This grips design is wonderfully made of dense foam and long-lasting. The kick push handle grips have a diameter of 7/8″ and length of 4 1/2″. Plastic End Caps Included to cover the outside end.

04. Gafoi New Replacement Scooter Handle Grips 

  • · Suitable for all types kick scooter.
  • Length of the grip is 4.5 inches.
  • Comfortable with excellent Quality.
  • Considers safety and health issues.
  • Long Lasting and durable.

If you looking for an awesome and outstanding set of replacement grips, then the Gafoi brand is perfect for you. These grips are made of attractive design, comfort, and durability. Used high-quality foam for it. This grip is basically designed for young riders and considers safety and health issues. Its length 4.5 inches and covered to fit the all basic scooter. The supplier included installation instructions.

05. Auskid Chinese Dragons Skateboard Grip Tape

  • The surface silicone-Carbide grit binding process provides us better tricks and greater safety.
  • Its made of high-density diamond grit, high-strength, tear-proof, Water-proof and Anti Slip.
  • The grip tape size is available 33.1inch (84cm) x 9.1inch (23cm), only 1 sheet
  • The silicon carbide surface will provide you with great traction for your deck. The enhanced grit helps provide support and gives your shoes a firm grip on the board.
  • The grip has long-lasting colorfastness, waterproof and easy to remove with no residue, wild variation, add personality to belongings and embellish your life durable
  • The tape has super sticky adhesive at the inner side that won’t peel in extreme heat or cold.

06. Zig Zag Anti Slip Bubble-Free Waterproof Grip Tape

  • The scooter or Skateboard grip tape with hundreds of small perforations for an easy bubble-free application.
  • This scooter grip tape measures 9 x 33 inches. It’s suitable for all scooter and skateboard shapes.
  • This tape is High-strength, waterproof, tear-proof backing that trims cleanly.
  • Bevrry brand super Sticky Adhesive Can Stick to Any grip or Board.

07. Razor E100 E125 E150 Electric Scooter Battery

The battery is one of the important parts of an electric scooter. The scooter does not perform well without a good battery and you fall in a panic situation. So, you have to need a replacement battery when the existing battery has inactive. At first, you will check your scooter model as well as the size and part number of the existing battery before purchase.

This battery is suitable for Razor E100, E125 and E150 Electric Scooter. If the size and part number of this battery match with your existing then purchase it without confusion.Check Latest Price

08. Razor E90 12V 7Ah Replacement Electric Scooter SLA Battery

  • The battery is available with 12 Volt 7 Amp Sealed Lead Acid Hi-Capacity Rechargeable Battery.
  • It comes with fully charged and ready to go once delivered. So, simply replace and connect the battery to the application and you are ready to go.
  • Dimension of the battery is Length: 5.94″ (151 mm) Width: 2.56″ (65 mm) Height: 3.94″ (100 mm) – F1 Terminal
  • It provides us 12-Month Warranty & Lifetime Technical Support from AAA Security Depot since 1991

09. Qind 200 x 50 Tire & Inner Tube for Razor E100 E150 E200

At first, you know the model of your scooter then checked the damaged tire part number with the size before purchase. It the old damage tire measurement is 200 x 50 then you will confidently select it for fast and smooth riding. This tire and tube made of the best quality materials.

Compatibility With: Use for Razor E100 E150 E200

10. WhatApart 200 x 50 No-Flat Solid/Foam Filled Tire

This brand provides 2 type options, one is a flat solid tire and the rests is foam filled tire. The foam-filled solid tire will give us a much smoother ride, than the standard rubber-filled solid tire. This foam-filled tire is a normal riding tire. So, If you need to do skids, drifting, tricks, then you need to buy a complete rubber solid tire.

Compatibility With: Use for Razor E100, E125, E200, E225, ePunk Electric ScooterCheck Latest Price

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this list will be helpful to active the unusable scooter. But make sure before purchase, the replacement parts match your old scooter. I hope, it can be the best gift for your child in the new morning.

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